Арабка Миа Калифа делает замеры черного и белого члена и выдрачивает сперму

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Ose69 2 месяца назад
Why I observe in hejab sex (the real one or the fake one) always one side only-men anatomy objectified by female senses like handjob or even brutal blowjob cum fantasy..yet never the reverse (cunni by guy).. even it status-qou if in hejab sex, this is unfair. More worse (even) often hejab women (when) exploited dick she in full covered (until hair-very contrast) & not get a single touch at all like this vid (the one were hejab "nude" often semi nude while men full naked still no cunni by guy yet hejabi objectified our men private to the max-bj), this is imbalance & sexism... just like hejab women want objectified penis/ blowjob fantasy (hejabi do love it), we men want cunnilingus fantasy too. Why always hejab get privilege to exploited male private parts...we know where this mindset come...

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